Discovering Red, Green and Blue

The Scottish Highlands have long been a source of inspiration for me and the Cairngorms National Park is an area that has captured not only my imagination, but also my heart. I first visited the area while shooting my Bridging The Void series. I stayed in Aviemore and was immediately captivated by this vibrant town that is encapsulated by the surrounding beauty of the Cairngorms.

Named after the popular ski location and 6th highest Scottish peak Cairn Gorm, which is translated as either Blue Hill or Green Hill. These mountains were formed around 40 million years ago during the last Ice Age and were once higher than the Alps. However they were long before known as Am Monadh Ruadh or The Red Hills, due to the granite composition. Officially the snowiest part of the UK, the Cairngorms attract many winter sports enthusiasts throughout the colder months of the year. But even when the snow has melted walkers and climbers frequent the region, providing the National Park with visitors all year round.

Throughout 2015 I am photographing the lochs, glens and hills of this majestic mountain range. I will be exhibiting the work in early 2017, however if you can’t wait until then I will be publishing regular updates to this page.

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